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Our Mission

Memories on CD is dedicated to the effort of restoring and preserving your precious recorded audio and visual memories onto long lasting CD's and DVD's

Our Services

Restoration of LP Records (33.3ís) 78ís, 45ís and compilations to CD:

Records are cleaned and run through a restoration process to eliminate as much of the "crackles and scratches" as possible. Each song has itís own track.

Audio Cassette Tapes

Commercial cassettes with audio content already included, C-60, *C-90 and *C-120 home made tapes. These are provided with a Printed label, in a jewelcase

*C-90 and C-120 will not fit onto 1 CD, they are broken up into 2CDís

We also transfer Open Reel tapes and 8 track cartridges.

Super & Standard 8mm Film to DVD

Transfer film to DVD with printed label on DVD presented in a DVD case with printed cover

We can provide a premium pack for authored DVDís including editing, transitions, soundtracks, chapters and slideshows.

VHS Video Cassette, Mini DV and HI 8 digital video to DVD (up to 2 Hrs.) 

Videos are transferred as is onto DVD with printed label and presented in a titled DVD case

BETA Video Cassette

Slides & Photoís to CD

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